Unlike most museums in Germany, the Nolde Foundation is a private institution without public funding, and must support itself. The museum in Seebüll thus has to rely on the support of its visitors.

Our “Friends of the Nolde Foundation Seebüll” association, founded in the year 2011, supports the foundation in both material and non-material ways as they perform their mission of looking after Emil Nolde’s artistic legacy. The challenge is to promote the “general public’s love of art”, and to form a “bridge of understanding between Scandinavia and Germany”.

Our most important concern is to preserve the residential and studio house Seebüll and the Nolde garden, and to foster the collection and scholarly archive. For example, we championed the re-purchase of the Nolde library, which has now been in the foundation’s possession again since ((missing text!!)). Furthermore, we have been committed to developing Seebüll further into a lively centre for research into Emil Nolde’s life and work, and into German expressionism.

If Nolde’s work, his house and the estate in Seebüll are dear to you as well, and you would like to support our work, we would be very happy to welcome you as a new member to our circle of friends.

Brigitte Reuther, Chair of the Board, Friends of the Nolde Foundation Seebüll
Further board members: Dirk Ehlers, Horst Granzow, Dr. Hans-Joachim Throl, Dr. Katharina zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

Become a member of Nolde’s circle of friends

With your membership you support the diverse works of the Ada and Emil Nolde Foundation, and help to preserve Emil Nolde’s art for future generations.

As a member you enjoy free admission to the Nolde Foundation Seebüll for the entire year. You will receive personal invitations to the exclusive events of the Friends of the Nolde Foundation Seebüll association: openings, previews, special events, lectures, etc.

Annual Membership Fee
Private individual: € 90
Couple: € 140
School pupils, trainees, students up to 30 years of age: € 30

As a corporate member you receive two annual passes as well as ((missing text!)) day passes for your employees or business partners.
Annual Membership Fee: € 500

As a supporting member you will receive, in addition to the above benefits, free passes for exclusive tours, lectures and concerts. Furthermore you will be able to rent rooms for functions in Seebüll at preferential prices and … ((missing text))
Annual Membership Fee: € 1,000

All annual memberships are eligible tax deductions. Appropriate tax receipts will be provided.

» Download application / enrolment declaration, Friends of the Nolde Foundation Seebüll (PDF)
» Download medlemskab af Nolde Stiftung Seebülls Venneforening ønskes (PDF)

You can also give a membership as a gift.
The annual membership fees are identical with those listed above.

» Download Gift-Membership flyer (PDF)
» Download Et medlemskab som gave flyer (PDF)

Friends of the Nolde Foundation Seebüll
25927 Neukirchen
Telephone: +49 4664 98393-0