Welcome to Seebüll, Dear visitors!

We’re happy to open our 65th annual exhibition “Emil Nolde – Painter and Printmaker“!

You will notice that we have implemented measures to help further containing the spread of the coronavirus. These may bring with them certain constraints for your visit. Their aim is to protect our guests and our staff as best as possible. But despite all constraints you may enjoy the Gesamtkunstwerk Seebüll as intended by Emil Nolde in his testament, as a „humble yet special place for the seeking wanderer from all lands where he may find a little joy and rest amid art and spirit.“

The following will answer some frequently asked questions.

What measures were undertaken upon re-opening of the museum?
The Nolde-Stiftung has implemented measures to ensure a safe visit. They focus mainly but not exclusively on proper hygiene and on allowing safety distances of 1,5m from other visitors and our staff. The measures are based on the guidelines issued by the government of Schleswig-Holstein, the Robert-Koch-Institute, the councel for the museums in Schleswig-Holstein and the Association of German Museums.

Are visitors required to wear a mask?
Yes, visitors are required to wear a mask (medicinal or FFP2, N95, KN95, P2, DS2, KF94 standard) that covers mouth and nose during their visit of the museum building (exhibition and shop). We kindly ask our visitors to bring their own mask.

Are visitors required to disclose contact information?
To help track any possible chain of infection the Nolde-Museum must collect contact information of its visitors on any given day. We kindly ask you to note your last name and surname, address, phone-number and/or email-adress on a printed form at the entrance. Your form will be stored for four weeks and safely destroyed immediately afterwards. You may also use the LUCA app to provide contact information.

How is the safety distance ensured?
1. through regulations at the museum entrace and markers on the floor.
2. through restrictions on the number of visitors allowed in the different areas of the museum and garden, which are registered electronically.
3. through visual markers and instructions by our staff where to walk in order to avoid close contact with other visitors.
Please note that the lift between the museum entrance and the exhibition may only be used by one person at the time.

How is the museum’s garden affected by the measures?
The garden may be visited only during the museum’s opening hours from 10am to 6pm. Please keep a safety distance of 1,5m from others in the garden as well.

Are waiting times possible?
Due to the limited number of visitors allowed into the museum we cannot rule out waiting times but will do our best to keep them as short as possible. In case you may have to wait, consider taking a walk through the beautiful countryside surrounding the Nolde-Museum.

What measures are being taken to provide proper hygienic care?
Dispensers with hand sanitizer have been placed at the entrances to the museum, the exhibition and the garden.
A wall of acrylic glass has been erected around the ticket counter.
Our staff are required to wear a mask over mouth and nose when in direct contact with visitors and while moving around the museum building.
Cleaning has been intensified. Especially surfaces, doorknobs, handrails, coatracks and lockers are cleaned multiple times every day as well as restrooms.

How does the Nolde Stiftung inform about these measures?
Any information on these measures may be found on our website and our social media feed where we will also inform about any changes and current developments.
The information may also be found already at our parking lot and right at the entrance to the museum building.
Last but not least, every visitor will be handed this leaflet containg all necessary information.
Please also keep an eye on markers on the ground informing about safety distance as well as the posters informing on cough and sneeze etiquette and appropriate behaviour for our visitors.

Are the usual opening hours for the Nolde-Museum still in effect?
Yes, we’re open daily from 10am to 6pm.

Is the museum café open as well?
The café, operated by the Niebüller Backstube is finally open again. The café has implemented its own measures according to requirements for gastronomic services. Please understand that the number of tables as well as the range of products may be reduced.

Is the playground open as well?
Due to current restrictions the playground will remain closed. Upon reopening we kindly ask parents to look after their children, especially for safety distance and cough and sneeze etiquette. Please make sure to wash your hands properly before and after visiting the playground.

Will the movie on Nolde, „The Painter and his Myth“, be shown at the museum?
Since June 28 we’re once again showing the Nolde-movie „The Painter and his Myth“. Please note that there will be only limited seats available for each screening. Wearing your medicinal mask during the screening is required. Standing along the walls of the movieroom is not permitted.

Is the museum’s shop open?
Yes, the museum’s shop is open from 10am to 6pm. Contactless payment is preferred.

Will there be guided tours or other events at the Nolde-Museum?
We’re offering guided tours through the exhibition. Tours have a maximum capacity of 25 participants, who will have to provide proof of either a negative antigen test (not older than 24 hours), full vaccination or recovery from covid-19 to the tour guide. Participants are reuired to wear a medicinal mask throughout the tour.
Unfortunately though, we will not be offering any painting classes or other events at the Nolde-Museum for the foreseeable future.

We kindly ask you to respect these information and rules during your stay in Seebüll. They will be adapted to the ongoing developments if and where necessary. If you may have any question please do not hesitate to contact us via phone +49 4664 983930 or email