Annual Exhibition


EMIL NOLDE – Painter and Printmaker


Emil Nolde sees “the world not in lines, but in colours”, as his friend and print collector Gustav Schiefler wrote in 1926. This sensitive observation on Nolde’s art is a guiding theme for this year’s exhibition, dedicated to the painter and printmaker Nolde.

Nolde’s prints testify to his boundless delight in artistic experimentation and continuous variation of his motifs. They allow insight into his playful approach of teasing unexpected colour effects and masterful nuances out of the technical opportunities of intaglio printing, woodcut and lithography.

Unusual juxtapositions reveal how tightly he interwove the painterly and the graphical. Paintings, watercolours and prints show how Nolde created a stimulating interplay between the various artistic media.

While the historical Nolde residence undergoes listed-building modernisation, the exhibition will be presented in the rooms of the Forum. This year as always, the Nolde museum’s rich holdings will provide a unique glimpse into the artist’s work.

Discover Emil Nolde all over again!

Dr. Christian Ring
Director of the Nolde Foundation Seebüll

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