Nolde’s Work


For the first time, and truly comprehensively, this year’s annual exhibition will pay tribute to Emil Nolde’s late work.

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Painting Gallery

Emil Nolde fulfilled a “life-long wish” with the six-by-seven metre painting gallery. Here, surrounded by his works, he received friends and guests

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New Paintings

For the anniversary, the Nolde Foundation can once again present a new work in Seebüll. The large-format painting “Fall flowers (A)” (1931) is privately owned, but has found a new home in Seebüll on long-term loan. This year it will be made accessible to the public for the first time.

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Biographical Exhibition

Photos, newspaper articles, historical documents and objects illustrate Emil and Ada Nolde’s life history. They speak of an eventful life, in which the upheavals of the first half of the 20th century are reflected.

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Nolde Elsewhere

This list provides information about all international exhibitions (up to June 2016) featuring exhibits by Emil Nolde. Links allow you to directly access the Internet presence of the respective museums.

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The present-day museum was formerly the residential and studio house of Emil Nolde, which he designed himself in 1927. With its rectilinear forms the building is reminiscent of Bauhaus architecture of the 1920s.

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